Eroxel + Sport: The way to increase Power?

Which exercises to increase power?

Introduction: These six exercises can be easily done at home and will increase your power. A bit help of Eroxel and the results will be even better.

>>>> Training session – Lateral position

Place your knees bent and cross your legs slightly with your legs. The lower arm should be bent below the head and the upper arm pointed towards the sternum. Pull on the root portion of the penis to maintain a good tension in your pelvic floor. Keep your breathing steady and move the knee up or down.

>>>> Training: Forearm Support

You can rest your forearms on your stomach in “all fours” with your elbows below your shoulders and your knees beneath your hips. For five deep breaths, arch your back into the “cow” position. Lift one elbow at a time and keep the tension in the muscles steady. To achieve the desired effect, your pelvic floor muscles should be contracted.

>>>> Exercise: Seated

Place your feet flat on the ground and place your knees slightly outwards. Your pelvic floor muscles should be contracted. Tighten your abdomen, press your heels into concrete and contract your abdominal muscles. Press your palms together and extend your arms. Do this by drawing small circles in the air. Then, breathe slowly.

>>>> Standing Exercise

Charly Chaplin’s style: Bring your legs together and slightly extend your feet. Your shoulders should be lowered and your palms should be down. Keep your pelvic floor tension maintained. Next, walk slowly and without moving your heels or calves.

>>>> Exercise: Walking with a ball

Pull your lower abdomen inwardly and place a ball between you ankles to contract your pelvic floor muscles. Now, slowly walk with your arms crossed and your shoulders down.

>>>> Exercise: Playing football

Place a small ball in front of your hips. Your pelvic floor muscles will contract and your lower abdomen will expand. As you inhale, shift your weight onto one foot and tap the ball against the wall with your inside foot. Keep breathing. Stabilize your leg.

Why also use Eroxel?

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Eroxel Original

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