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Erectile Dysfunction and Infertility? No more with Eroxel

Evidence suggests that coronavirus infection can cause impotence and erectile dysfunction in men. Researchers discovered Sars-CoV-2 proteins in the testicles, penis and testicles. However, it is not clear what this means. But, Covid-19 vaccination does not render women or men infertile.

What is Impotence?

The generic medical term for many functional disorders of the male sexual organs is impotence. Erectile dysfunction is a condition that causes men to have difficulty erecting or sustaining it for long periods of time. hold. You may also find that you can have sexual intercourse, but not ejaculate. Anejaculation is also known as this. There is also the “inability to procreate”. While sexual intercourse is not a problem in itself, having children can be. Researchers speculate that Sars-CoV-2 could lead to this exact outcome.

Is Testosterone production affected by the Coronavirus?

Hormones could also play a part in impotence. Numerous studies have shown that Covid-19-treated men may have lower testosterone levels than normal. The hormone testosterone has a significant impact on men’s erectile function, and libido. Low hormone levels can lead to erection issues. It is not clear how long low testosterone levels in patients with acute covid-19 disease will persist. This could also be due to longer-term impairment of testes or penis. It is not clear if age and severity of the disease are relevant. Relevance of the disease.

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