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Does Diabetes lead to Impotence? Eroxel helps to prevent it!

Diabetes, a chronic condition, can have a negative impact on sex. This is due to changes in blood vessels, nerves, psychological stress, decreased physical performance, side effects, and other factors. Diabetic men are more likely to experience sexual dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which one in every two men experiences problems with their erections. The inability to erection. Also known as impotence, this condition is often referred to as a “non-functioning erection”.

More than twice the number of diabetics are affected by this condition as the average person. There are also sexual problems that can affect women, including decreased sexual desire and arousal and decreased vaginal moisture.

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Sexual Problems and Impotence: Causes

Diabetes can cause damage to the nervous system and vascular system over time. These systems are also responsible for the functioning of the sexual organs. Only blood vessels, nerves, and muscles can make it possible for the male to become stiff or ejaculate. The vagina becomes moist. This interaction can cause the sex organs to stop responding adequately to sexual stimuli if it is disrupted.

Antidiabetic medications and other diabetes medication that diabetics must take often (e.g. for high blood pressure, elevated blood cholesterol, or depression) can have a negative impact on sexual life. It can also impact sex life. It is often a good idea to switch to a different medication in such situations. Talk to your doctor if your medication is suspected.

Under no circumstances should you change your medication by yourself!

The psychological stress associated with diabetes is another important factor. Many diabetics who have sexual problems are faced with worries about their health and insecurity regarding how they will manage their medication. They play an important role. Sexual dysfunctions can also lead to psychological problems like fear of failure, self-doubt and partner conflicts, as well as depression.

There are many Treatment Options

To avoid any misunderstandings, it is important to talk openly about sexual issues with your partner. The problems could get worse if the partners don’t talk to one another. To find a solution, it is important to have open and trusting discussions. A trusted doctor can also be a resource for you. There are many treatment options available that can dramatically improve the quality of the person’s sexual life. Together, you and your doctor should determine which therapy is best for you. Pro familia Counseling Centers can provide valuable support.

There are many treatment options available for male impotence, erectile dysfunction and other conditions, such as potency-enhancing drugs or vacuum pumps. hormone replacement therapy, and, if needed, psychological treatment. Each treatment option has its advantages and drawbacks. Potency-enhancing drugs like sildenafil can be used.

About 60% of diabetics experience an erection with vardenafil or tadalafil. These agents can cause side effects and contraindications. These should be discussed with your doctor in advance. Your partner and your doctor should agree on which treatment is best for each case. Your doctor.

There are less options for women. Hormone treatment and the application of lubricating oils can be used in addition to psychological counseling. Lubricating creams. Medications should be used to treat any existing vaginal and urinary tract infections. Vaginal infections that are common can be an indicator of poor blood sugar control. A better blood sugar control can also improve mucosal function. This is where you and your partner should discuss with your doctor the best treatment option for you.

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