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How can Potencialex treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is something that no man wants to talk about. It affects about one-third of older men. The figure is highest among men between the ages of 40 and 49. Ten percent of men aged between 40 and 49 are male.

Experts believe that there are far more cases than reported. Many men avoid going to the doctor because they are afraid of being judged. This is because without medication or treatment, symptoms get worsened and people who are affected suffer more.

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Psychological reasons for Erection Problems

Younger men are more susceptible to developing potency problems due to psychological reasons like stress, depression, anxiety disorders, or stressful events. They should be treated as a cause.

Potency problems can be caused by Testosterone deficiency

As men age, a naturally declining testosterone level may cause problems. In rare cases, testosterone deficiency is congenital. Sometimes, erectile dysfunction can also be caused by medication, injury (such a pelvic fracture), and surgery (on the prostate/bowel).

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There are many Treatment options available for Erection Problems

The results of the exam will determine whether the urologist refers the patient to psychologists, neurologists, or cardiologists. The expert may suggest a variety of therapeutic options to treat the symptoms. There are many options available, including psychotherapy, medication, and mechanical aids.

Medication Treatment

It is commonly administered by injection or as a gel. Tablets like Viagra can also be used. The substances in Viagra, known as PDE-5 inhibitors cause, among others, a widening blood vessels. The man injects a drug through his penis using a thin needle in erectile tissue injection therapy (SKAT). The penis. MUSE, the medicated urethral systems for erection (MUSE), has a similar effect. The active ingredient is introduced to the erectile tissues via the urethra through a type of suppository.

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