Treating a Gout Attack

Gout is an arthritis condition that results from uric acid buildup in the blood, tissues and urine. Uric acid does not have to be a problem. It acts almost as effectively as vitamin C in normal levels as an antioxidant.

Crystallization occurs when too much of the uric acid builds up in the tissues and blood. It can cause inflammation, pain, redness and heat to the joints as it migrates.

On average, the first attack occurs at 47 years old. In men, gout usually occurs after 30 years, while attacks in women tend to happen after menopause.

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Gout: What causes it?

Gout is most often related to diet. More specifically, it’s caused by an excessive intake of saturated fats and trans fats as well as refined sugars and purines.

Some purines are naturally found in the body, while most are obtained from diet. These purines are then broken down into uric acids. The kidneys (75%) and the intestines (25%) then eliminate it.

The amount of purine-rich foods consumed and the ability of the kidneys to eliminate it will determine the level of uric acids in the blood.

Gout symptoms

Gout is most common in areas that are sensitive to lower temperatures (e.g. Extremities, particularly the big toe. Gout can also be found in other areas of the body, such as the knees and feet, ankles, wrists, wrists, fingers, or wrists.

Gout attacks usually resolve on their own within three to ten working days. The symptoms can be relieved by prompt treatment.

Gout can be treated with lifestyle changes that are more effective. If the attacks continue, they may become more severe and last longer. This could lead to topus, which is a painful, deforming, and sometimes fatal condition.

A gout attack is a very painful event that can be at least partially relieved by immobilising the joint and applying an ice pack. Some medicines are effective in reducing the pain of the attack quickly. They are taken for a short period of time and adapted to each case by the doctor.

Why measure uric acid levels?

Gout is caused by too much uric acid in the blood. Above 60 mg/L, uric acid forms crystals that can cause an inflammatory reaction in a joint. It is therefore important to measure the blood level of uric acid regularly to ensure that the level of uric acid in the blood remains below 60 mg/L, thus avoiding the formation of crystals and thus gout attacks: gout is a curable disease.

What is the origin of the disease?

Gout is an extremely painful inflammatory disease of the joint. It is caused by an excessively high level of uric acid in the blood (hyperuricaemia), which forms crystals in the joint and soft tissues above a certain concentration (60mg/l (360 µmol/l)), causing an inflammatory reaction in the joint and in the tissues surrounding the joint: this is the gout attack. Gout is common in men over the age of 30, and in women after the menopause (often triggered by diuretic treatment for high blood pressure). The frequency of gout has almost doubled in recent years for many reasons: increased life expectancy, increased obesity and its complications (cardiovascular diseases), increased chronic kidney disease, unbalanced diet, use of many drugs.

The different forms of the disease

Gout often appears as a familial and hereditary disease, limiting the elimination of uric acid by the kidney.
The excess uric acid that causes gout can have several causes, including:
– a diet too rich in animal proteins,
– too much beer (even without alcohol), strong alcohol, or sweetened sodas,
– certain medications.

What are the manifestations of the disease?

The onset of a gout attack is very sudden and painful. The affected joint is swollen and red. In the long term and without appropriate treatment, the persistence of a high level of uric acid in the blood leads to the formation of painless lumps, called tophus, in the joints and under the skin.

How to treat Gout Attack?

Here are some facts. Gout is a chronic condition. This means that if it isn’t treated, the chances of having attacks more often or less frequently are higher. Specialists estimate that the average interval between two attacks is approximately 2 years.

People who have had a gout attack before can recognize the warning signs: The affected joint (usually the big one) may tingle or tingle, mobility may be restricted, pain or discomfort may be felt, and the swelling may get worse.

The nettle is an anti-inflammatory, slightly diuretic and mildly diuretic herb. Nettle tincture has been shown to aid in the elimination of excess urinary acid. 25 drops are mixed with a little water, three times daily.

Honrostrong, made of Curcumin and Boswellia, have also showed to be a great help in case of gout attack: Gout Natural Remedies.

Molkosan can be used to maintain healthy intestinal and digestive health. They also help with digestion and general intestinal health.

A detoxification treatment is recommended to help improve the kidneys’ ability to remove toxins. Milk Thistle products are rich in choleretic and cholagogue, diuretic, and tonic herbs that can be used at least twice a calendar year.

Devil’s claw, can also have an anti-inflammatory effect that can be helpful in cases of gout. A green clay poultice or Arnica gel can be used externally to provide relief.

Gout is one of the easiest forms to manage with good lifestyle habits. Gout can be prevented or treated by adopting healthy lifestyle habits that encourage better digestion and a greater efficiency in the elimination of toxins.

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Diet and Gout

First, ban purines-rich foods – cold cuts and refined breads and pastas.

To facilitate the kidneys’ elimination of uric acids, it is important to reduce the intake of alcohol, tea, coffee, and cocoa. These foods are diuretic and cause the body to lose more water. This in turn decreases the kidney’s ability to remove excess uric acid.

We recommend that you drink 1.5 to 2 litres (filtered or desineralized) of water per day. You also need 1 to 2 glasses of fresh vegetable or fruit juices, such as Biotta juice.

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