How many Kilos can you Lose with Reduslim?

Lose 10 kilos. In just four weeks. Without diet and without the yo-yo effect. These are just a few of the promises made by advertising. This is often not possible and not recommended.

This is how it Works

You need to lose 10 kilos quickly and safely:

  • Patience,
  • stamina
  • A long-term plan and an investment strategy!

Many people can’t lose weight fast enough. Sign up at the next gym and stop eating sweets. Tell your friends that you’ll lose a few pounds in the next few days thanks to a new diet. You’ve already lost the first kilo, but once you have sinned a few more times, the kilo is back on your hips. At such times, losing 10 kilos seems impossible.

Pure fat is approximately 9,000 kilocalories per kilogram. Weight loss does not mean that you will lose body fat. You also lose a certain amount water. To lose 1 kilogram of body weight, you will need to eat approximately 7,000 kilocalories. You should consume approximately 70,000 more calories than what you eat through food to lose 10 kilos. This is not something you can do overnight.

Some people lose weight more quickly than others. This is due to their metabolic rate or genetic material (DNA). They are more likely to burn food energy faster and produce heat. People who are able to lose weight quickly are called “poor food metabolisms”. There are also people whose fast food quickly becomes fat deposits. For example, these people may need to lose 10 kilos more. Many people find that it is difficult to lose weight fast enough. Then, the yo-yo effect kicks in, and all of the weight loss efforts are forgotten. But this should no longer be the case with Reduslim. Thanks to its excellent natural ingredients, fast and effective weight loss is guaranteed: Reduslim Test

Take your Time

The majority of excess weight has accumulated over many years. It is unrealistic to expect that you will lose 10 kilos in a matter of weeks. Even though diet pills and other products claim it can, a diet is not going to work overnight.

How long it takes to achieve your weight goal depends on many factors, including your diet, exercise habits, and metabolism. To lose 10 kilos, you will need a calorie deficit between 70,000 and 70,000 kilocalories.

You can set small Goals for Yourself!

You have a tough task ahead of yourself if you wish to lose 10 kilos. To succeed, you should set realistic interim goals. You will be able to look forward to the next stage and feel more satisfied with your progress. You could, for example, set a goal to lose two kilograms within the next four weeks. This realistic goal can be achieved with a low-calorie, healthy diet.

You may also be interested in:

  • Exercise twice per week
  • Consume five portions of fruits and vegetables per day
  • or avoiding high-calorie soft drinks.

Get Moving!

It is important to incorporate sports into your daily life. Exercise burns calories, which can help you lose weight over the long-term. Your personal preferences will determine the type of sport that you choose. You don’t have to exercise every day, whether you go to the gym or take a Pilates class. If you also add Reduslim to your exercise routine, your weight loss will be even faster and best of all, it causes no side effects: Reduslim Osta

You don’t need to run a marathon every day. It is often enough to make small changes in your daily life to increase your calorie intake without much effort:

  • Use the stairs instead of the elevator or the escalator.
  • Take the train to the next station and then walk the remainder of the way.
  • Move around your office (and home) more often.
  • Get out more often to enjoy the fresh air.

Don’t weigh Yourself every single Day!

It doesn’t matter how many pounds you have lost overnight if you are looking to lose 10 kilos over the long-term. Because your body weight fluctuates each day, it also depends on what you have drank and how often you exercise. It can happen, despite a strict diet and sport, that you weigh the same as the day before. This can quickly lead to frustration for many.

Reward Yourself

It is difficult to lose weight. Anyone who has tried different diets will tell you. You will need patience and time if you are looking to lose 10 kilos. You should reward yourself from time to time so that you don’t lose motivation in your quest for the desired weight. This does not mean you have to eat unrestricted every day for a reward. Investing in yourself will always pay off, that’s why it’s important that you try Reduslim in addition to taking care of your diet and exercising: Reduslim Original

Celebrate your weight loss success with:

  • A new pair of pants is a good idea.
  • a wellness weekend
  • Or a visit to the theatre.